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Do you feel like you are trying to get ahead but always end up right back where you started? Do you feel like money is only for the rich? Do you want to give your family more time, energy, and worthwhile experiences?

This site is here to help you understand that when you simply have NO money then you need to Simply KNOW Money!

Latest from the Blog

Deep Dive Into a Social Worker’s Budget

Are you wondering how to live on a social worker’s budget? While a social worker’s salary isn’t huge, it is a livable salary, and here is an example of how!

How Much Interest Do You Get On 1 Million Dollars?

How much interest would you get on one million dollars is a surprisingly complicated question. If you’ve ever thought you’d be set for life with one million dollars in the bank, find out why you’re wrong here. The interest rate on $1,000,000 may surprise you.

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