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Do you feel like you are trying to get ahead but always end up right back where you started? Do you feel like money is only for the rich? Do you want to give your family more time, energy, and worthwhile experiences?

This site is here to help you understand that when you simply have NO money then you need to Simply KNOW Money!

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I’m a Sucker for Salesmen (And How You Don’t Have to Be)

Do you have a weakness with your money? Maybe you spend one dollar one too many times or you just can’t get over the fear of investing. My weakness is the salesman. I have trouble saying no. Here is how you can say no and other ways to overcome your money weaknesses.


How to Make Money When You’re Broke–FAST

So you’re broke and you need money now, huh? Fortunately there are a lot of ways to start bringing in cash fast. No more of this earn a 20 cent rebate “advice”. Take control of your finances by making some real money!


20 Simple Tips to Shop Less (Off and Online)

The only way to shop less is to only shop when you need to or shopping intentionally. It is hard to do that well, so here are 20 tips to help you shop less by shopping when you mean to, and not letting it just happen.

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