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Do you feel like you are trying to get ahead but always end up right back where you started? Do you feel like money is only for the rich? Do you want to give your family more time, energy, and worthwhile experiences?

This site is here to help you understand that when you simply have NO money then you need to Simply KNOW Money!

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Teach And Retire Rich Book Review

Teach and Retire Rich is a must have book for teachers at any stage in the game. The principles apply generally, of course, but the book was well crafted with teachers in mind.

The Key to Financial Success

Budgeting and investing and hoping to win the lottery are all ways you can get rich, but if you want to be truly successful then you can’t just hope that you finances will improve. You have to spend less than you earn.

How Often Are Mutual Funds Compounded (Or Dividend)?

Investing can be incredibly confusing, but I want to make it easier to understand. Mutual funds are a staple of investing, but even those are hard to pick. That’s why I want you to make sure that you understand the basics of how often you’ll get paid from your mutual fund, the answer might surprise you.

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