Why Another Finance Blog?

If you’ve at all fallen down the finance blog rabbit hole then you are probably aware that there are so many finance blogs out there they can’t even be counted, let alone read. So wouldn’t another blog on finance just be white noise? If you’d like to look at it that way, I suppose you may be right, but here are a few reasons why I think that this blog is important despite contending in an internet sea that seems to be drowning in finance blogs.

First, I have a unique writing style that may be able to reach someone that won’t be reached by others. Of all the finance blogs out there, some speak to me and others don’t. Since the blogs that don’t speak to me are doing well enough that means that style matters. Perhaps my style will speak to someone that isn’t being reached by those other blogs.

Second, as more well known blogs get older they will dive deeper into topics that the beginner doesn’t need yet. I know that I recently checked out a finance blog that is very well known and raved about by financial gurus everywhere. When I started reading a recent post I was completely lost because I am not at that point on my financial journey. Hopefully as I grow I can have some readers grow up financially with me. Then more blogs will follow for the next generation and so forth.

Third, most blogs in the finance space focus on high income earners with the occasional bone thrown to the lower income readers. This blog is written specifically to lower income earners. I’ll be honest, the income potential of my current job is quite low. That is the nature of my current career path and I knew that going in. I still may change my path and I am definitely trying to increase my income potential. However, I hope that by focusing on low income individuals like myself I can help them feel that having control of their finances is not only attainable but simple.

Not convinced? I guess this blog isn’t for you. Interested? Good, I hoped you’d be. Feel free to start exploring what I’ve already posted and send me a message. I’m interested in hearing from you and what you would like to get out of this blog. After all, I want to help you simply know money.

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