Best on the Side Jobs from Home for 2020

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There are many lists for side jobs, side hustles, making extra cash, and getting rich online. It can be overwhelming.

This list is meant to help you find a side job that you can do from home, or do based out of your home (whichever you prefer) that will be perfect for the current craziness that is 2020.

That being said I will focus on things that can get you cash quickly. Not businesses that will take months or years to grow, and not jobs that will hold you to a strict schedule.

Flexibility is the key to success in 2020.

25 Side Job from Home Ideas

Purely Online, No Contact Jobs

If you are one of those people that needs to work, but it is unsafe for you to interact with others right now, consider one of these purely online jobs.

1 Online Tutoring

With many large school districts going completely virtual, there are a lot of opportunities to support parents that are struggling. While in person tutoring is also an option, online tutoring is an easy side job to pick up with some flexibility.

Many parents are also taking on home schooling for the first time due to the uncertainty. Setting yourself up as an “as needed” resource for them to tap into can be a really good side gig. You can schedule times that work for you, and help parents who are at their wits end.

For an easier jump into tutoring, is a place where you can sign up to become a tutor without trying to get your own clients. Both options will become more important as the pandemic drags on.

2 Virtual Assistant

Businesses and entrepreneurs don’t need in house secretaries as much as they used to, but they still need that support to get their work done. Enter virtual assistants. Being a virtual assistant is a perfect side gig you can do from home because it is all online interaction.

A usual list of jobs includes checking and responding to emails, scheduling appointments, booking travel arrangements, and drafting documents. Basically, it is doing secretarial work without fetching coffee.

There are so many jobs available, just search for it and you’ll be able to find something.

3 Virtual Bookkeeper

Similar to the virtual assistant, book keeping is another time consuming thing that many businesses and entrepreneurs just don’t want to deal with. If you are good with numbers and spreadsheets then you can easily do this job from home completely online.

Yes, you don’t have to meet anyone face to face.

All you will need to do is receive and track all income and expenses for a business. You can even use a software like to do it.

4 At Home Customer Service

Strangely enough, some businesses don’t have their own in house customer service anymore. They hire it out to companies that have their own contractors who do customer service from home.

So now you get to be the in house customer service (like you get to work from home…get it?…*sigh*)

It depends on which agency you sign up for, but these can have very flexible hours. Check out for example.

5 Social Media Manager

It is amazing how important social media is becoming in our world and how few people actually understand it. If you are one of those people, then this is the niche for you.

Businesses are willing to spend full advertising budgets on social media, and since it is basically free, that means you get to pocket that money for just posting on social media for them.

Now is it really that simple? Maybe not, you will most likely be required to create a posting schedule, moderate their page often, and generally micromanage every detail of their social media presence. But if you’re already on social media anyway, then why not?

6 Proofreading

Following in the vein of assisting people, proofreading is an important part of any business that writes content. Which is most businesses.

Basically, a proofreader looks for things that will disrupt a reader. This is typos, style issues, layout or design flaws, weird page breaks, and general grammar. So if you like details and you like to read, this is a great side job for 2020.

All you have to do is curl up in your snuggy and read in the comfort of your own home. (Okay, you probably should take it more seriously than that, but you still don’t have to leave your house).

If you’re interested in getting started, I would recommend the course by Proof Reading Academy.*

7 Transcribing

Transcribing is similar to proofreading, but it is much more mechanical. All you have to do is listen to a recording and type out word for word what each person in a conversation says.

This may sound easy enough, but it is actually quite challenging. Still, it is a flexible side job that you can do from home, which is the most important quality of a 2020 side hustle.

To start transcribing, check out* They are a reputable business.

8 Voice Acting

When you think of voice acting you are probably thinking of cartoons. While that is one thing a voice actor can do, there are so many other practical uses that make this a powerful side job from home.

We are living in a “media rich” world. What that means is there are a lot of videos demanding our attention at any given time. The great thing for a voice actor is that most of those videos require someone to speak or narrate the video. This is where voice actors shine.

Just imagine that you are Morgan Freeman doing a Visa commercial and you’ll be great. and are two great places to start working as a voice actor. Just remember that you’ll need a quiet place and some specialized equipment to get started.

9 Freelance Writer

On the other hand, for every video that a voice actor is needed, a writer is needed first. Every video, every poster, every brochure, every website, every instruction manual, and every thing else written requires a writer.

In other words there is literally no end to the job potential for a freelance writer.

The best part, you can choose your own hours as long as you get the job done on time. There is way too much to unpack about freelance writing, so instead I’ll recommend you to Sean Ogle at He can help you get started, this is a good post to start with.

10 Mock Jury

For anybody fascinated with the law, or just wanting a way to engage your brain in interesting subjects, being an online juror can be quite fascinating.

First, this is not joining a real jury online. This is instead used as a method for lawyers to practice their case with a mock jury of real real people before it ever gets presented in court.

Second, how available it is depends a lot on where you live. So if you sign up and don’t receive any notifications, don’t be surprised. Still, it can be a fun way to make money at home.

Checkout this article for more information on online jury websites.

11 Phone Sales

I know what you’re thinking, you always hang up on phone salespeople, so why should you do this job? First, you’re thinking of calling people out of the blue to get a sale. Many phone sales are with pre-qualified customers. Just remember, “92% of all customer interactions happen over the phone” according to the Brevet Group.

Sales in general can be a lucrative job since commission is a nearly limitless income source. And, most people won’t talk to a sales person at work, so the evening is a great time to call, making this a perfect side job you can do from home.

Just search for phone salesperson jobs and you’ll be golden. (Hint: searching phone sales will instead bring up cell phone retailers. You don’t want that).

12 Medical Coding

You might be thinking, I don’t have a medical degree so I should skip this. Not the case. It requires very little training compared to a medical degree. Medical coding is simply reading a patient’s file, then translating their diagnosis and prescription into medical codes.

For example, you get the diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes for a patient, you would translate that to E10.9.

It is a very good paying job that you can do from home in many cases. But it does take some upfront work. Learn more about becoming a medical coder.

13 Data Entry

This side job is exactly what it sounds like. Inputting information into computer software. It isn’t glamorous, but if you have basic computer skills then you can do it.

This can be lumped in with transcribing work as well, so consider doing both together.

You can even pick up small jobs on websites like* just to make some extra cash rather quickly.

Minimal Contact Side Jobs out of Your Home

While online jobs are a great way to work during 2020, there are some jobs that just require some interaction. These side jobs I have chosen are minimal contact jobs that can be very lucrative.

14 Childcare

With so many schools being shut down, childcare is becoming a booming industry. The problem is that it costs an arm and a leg to put a kid into daycare. That is where you step in (especially if you already have kids to take care of).

Taking on additional kids to care for while their parents are at work for a fraction of the cost of daycare will have clients flocking to you. The more kids you care for, the more money you make for doing basically what you would be doing anyway.

Add tutoring to this and you will be the most sought after child care in town.

15 Dog Care

Okay, maybe kids aren’t your thing, but what about puppies? If you are going to be home anyway, dog care can be another great way to earn extra cash.

Some people put their dogs into daycare daily, while others need a place for them to stay over night. People can even book dog walking. Either way it is good for you.

To get started doing doggy care (or cat care even) try

16 Rent out a Room…Or Whatever

You’ve probably heard someone tell you to rent out a room on airbnb. That is great advice if you have the space. In fact, some people can cover their entire mortgage by just renting out one room.

But you can be more creative than that. Some people rent out tents. Others rent out small nooks (for those that really just need a space to sleep). You can rent out an RV or tiny house on wheels. If you have a relative nearby, rent out your house for big events then go stay with them.

There are so many opportunities on airbnb (and VRBO) so get creative.

17 Food/Grocery Delivery

Curbside pick up and delivery have become a way of life in 2020. So why not capitalize on that with your side job? People need groceries and they need to eat. If you have a car (or even a bike) you can easily play that middleman.

This can be a good side gig especially if you work in the business part of town and live in the suburbs. After work just wait for an order to come in for someone that lives near you. Pick up their order, and get paid to commute back home. Get creative and get money!

Places to start are doordash, ubereats, grubhub, and instacart, though there are many others.

18 Sell Something Online

If you have a bit of artistic flair, then selling something online is easy. All you have to do is open an etsy account and you can start selling. But you don’t have to be artistic.

You can also put funny sayings on a shirt and sell those through amazon, or you can buy items in bulk and sell them in smaller packages as combos for profit.

The point is you can get creative selling things online.

19 Amazon Flipping

Speaking of selling things online, a great place to start is resale. Often you can find items that are steeply discounted in bulk somewhere local (like at a store near you). You then buy those items in bulk and turn around and sell them on Amazon individually.

If you do it right, Amazon can even hold onto the stock of items for you so you don’t need huge amounts of space. With Amazon sales skyrocketing this is a perfect 2020 side job.

If you aren’t convinced this is possible, check out this story on Amazon Arbitrage.

20 Safe Kid Interaction Club

Lack of interaction with their friends is a huge reason kids are so over this Coronavirus (trust me, I’m a teacher, I’ve heard it). Any way that kids can get together and have fun safely is really needed.

Consider an outdoor kids club where you can play games in a large circle or running obstacle courses one at a time while cheering each other on. All you have to do is subscribe families to these events and you’ve got a business.

Here are some kid game ideas to get started.

21 Outdoor/Virtual Exercise Class

With gyms closed or not operating at capacity people are dying for a way to exercise. While moving gym equipment from house to house is all but impossible, you can still bring the gym experience to other people.

Consider doing outdoor exercise classes where people can be at a distance or hold virtual classes where you can encourage your students as they work out all while following the guidelines given by your state.

Mixing what people need with the problem they have makes this an excellent side job.

22 Deep Cleaning Service

I normally wouldn’t bring this option up on a top side jobs list, but let’s be honest, people can’t get enough of clean right now. If you know how to really clean (and sanitize) you can make a decent income.

You can market this to businesses and individuals, but keep in mind that businesses will probably pay better.

Find out more about opening a cleaning business here.

23 Mobile Romantic Catering

Much like the last two, this idea is bringing a solution to the problem. People miss being able to go out and have a good time. So you can bring the good time to them.

Your job is to set up a romantic dinner with along with some sort of in home entertainment. Usually a movie works (if you can bring a projector and screen to make it feel like a theater even better). While they can’t go out as easily, people still want to have a good time in.

You might even be able to mix this with childcare, and mobile food delivery (have them request you for door dash or something). Get creative and make some money!

24 Tax Preparer

Let’s be honest, this might be one of the most confusing tax years on record. With new deductions and unemployment and deferrals and more, people are going to need help.

Many tax preparation firms even offer on the job training, so there is little education you will need in advance. All you need is a desire to help people out (and the ability to understand tax law).

H&R Block is an easy place to start looking into this side job.

25 Notary Signing Agent

Mortgages are booming, it seems like everyone is refinancing their homes. And every time someone buys, sells, refinances, gets a line of credit, or changes ownership of a home in anyway, a notary is required.

This is a very lucrative business that can be run on your own schedule. You make on average $75 to $150 an appointment for roughly 2 hours of work all in (including printing, preparing, driving, and signing). And that adds up quickly.

To learn more about it, check out the Loan Signing System* website.

Starting a Side Job from Home in 2020

There is a lot of uncertainty right now, but that doesn’t mean that starting a side job is a bad idea. In fact, during this time of shifting priorities, it may be the best time to catch the wave of new interest.

The best time to start a new side job is today. No matter what day it is. You can make your side hustle work.

So just choose one thing from this list and do it!

What side hustle do you do right now? Which side job do you want to start? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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