Is Fetch Rewards Worth It? An Honest Review


Disclaimer: The statements made in this post are the opinion of the author. They should not be viewed as financial advice. Please consult with a financial specialist before making any financial decisions.
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I am here to give you an straight forward review of what I, as a user of Fetch Rewards, really think.

I am not trying to sell you on getting Fetch Rewards so I can make a quick buck.

I will tell you how I have really felt using this app and you can decide whether or not you want it.

To help you decide if Fetch Rewards is worth it I will answer a few questions about what it is, how it works, and other concerns you may have about the app.

How Fetch Rewards Works

Fetch Rewards is a platform for scanning receipts and getting rewards or points. For every receipt you scan you are guaranteed 25 points. More if you make a “qualified purchase”. I’ve received well over 1,000 points many times.

To get into the mechanics of it, you simply click on the camera icon, line up the receipt, then take a picture. They process it, and you’re done. It takes less than 15 seconds.

If you did your purchasing online, then you just click the e-receipt button and it searches your attached email for any e-receipts. Depending on how recently you’ve used that button this can take a few seconds to a few minutes, but you don’t have to sit there while it processes your email.

How Does Fetch Rewards Make Money?

If you are cynical like me, any app that says “free rewards” makes you think, where’s the scam? I went looking for Fetch Reward’s scam and I came up with nothing.

This is the simple way it works. You upload your receipts to show Fetch Rewards what you purchase on a regular basis. They track that data to figure out what you like, then they get paid by their partners to put ads for products you are more likely to buy in front of you.

What Does Fetch Rewards Do With Your Information?

The companies they work with do not get your information. They aren’t selling anything about you on the dark web. And your buying habit information never leaves the Fetch Rewards office.

The only purpose to track what you spend is to put the most relevant ads in front of you so you are more likely to buy those products. It is a way for businesses to build brand loyalty through the Fetch Rewards platform.

I went into using Fetch Rewards expecting to have my information sold and I am pleasantly surprised that it isn’t.

Fetch Rewards Points To Dollars

So now that we understand how they make money, the real question is how do we make money? The points you receive for each receipt can be redeemed through the app for gift cards.

These gift cards range in categories from Art to Media to Electronics to Travel to VISA to Restaurants to Charity and more.

Unlike other receipt uploading apps, the points do not have a strict point to dollar value. Usually 1,000 points is equal to $1. For example, 5,000 points will get you a $5 gift card to Applebee’s.

But sometimes it is less than that. 6,000 points gets you a $5 VISA gift card. Rarely is it ever more than that.

The only chance you have of doing better that 1,000 points for $1 right now is through the sweepstakes that allows you to get entries for a $100 VISA gift card for just a few hundred points. Though that, of course, isn’t guaranteed.

Fetch Rewards: Is It Worth It?

Fetch Rewards is a simple way to make a little bit of money by simply taking a picture of your receipt. But is the money good enough to matter?

If you make $0.025 for every receipt (meaning that you never make a qualified purchase) then maybe not. At 15 seconds per receipt, that is 6 dollars an hour.

But, the probability of you never making a qualified purchase is quite low. I never consult my Fetch Rewards app before going shopping, and I tend to buy cheap, and I still make qualified purchases quite often.

On top of that they will often give bonus points randomly that will increase your bottom line.

So let’s say that on average you make about 100 points per scan. Now you are making a dime every time you scan. That is about $24 an hour!

If you are using it even remotely right then the pay off can be huge!

So if you are willing to take a total of 15 seconds to do that and you don’t mind having someone keep track of what you buy, then why not?

Fetch rewards is simple and it pays well!

Fetch Rewards Vs Ibotta

The difference between Fetch Rewards and Ibotta is quite big even though they are both receipt uploading apps. If you want to know more about how Ibotta works in general, check out Is Ibotta A Waste Of Time? This section will only compare it to Fetch Rewards.

The Differences Between Fetch Rewards and Ibotta

1 Money Making Strategy

Fetch Rewards makes money through controlling information about you and building brand loyalty. They do not sell you information to third parties and are paid by those third parties to put advertisements in front of you.

Ibotta has a more comprehensive profit strategy meaning that they do what Fetch Rewards does, and they sell information, along with a few other income streams.

Bottom Line: You information is slightly safer with Fetch Rewards than Ibotta.

2 How and How Much You Get Paid

Fetch Rewards can be a high paying app ($24 an hour). You just have to make sure you are uploading receipts often with qualified purchases. You get pay out in the form of turning earned points into gift cards with varying value.

Ibotta pays pretty well too (about $15 an hour). It gives you cash value for each receipt depending on what you buy. You can redeem this in a number of ways. Through paypal, direct deposit, gift cards, etc.

Bottom line: Fetch Rewards has higher potential pay than Ibotta, but lower range to start from. There are also more ways to redeem your rewards with Ibotta.

3 Time Needed To Use The App

Fetch Rewards requires very little time to get your rewards. Total time commitment is usually about 15 seconds per receipt. Even if you want to get the preferred brands they are easy to find and you don’t have to search for offers. Whatever is on your receipt is automatically included in their search to reward you.

Ibotta requires a bit more time commitment, usually a few minutes for each receipt. This is because you have to manually add rebates to your Ibotta list before uploading receipts.

Bottom line: Fetch Rewards is simpler to use and therefore faster than Ibotta per receipt.

Should You Use Fetch Rewards or Ibotta?

Fetch Rewards Pros and Cons

Pros: Fetch Rewards is faster, safer, and simpler than Ibotta. If you want a simple, quick, and safe way to make a extra cash back with each purchase then Fetch Rewards is a good choice.

Cons: Fetch Rewards doesn’t have very many options for payment. So if you want cash and not gift cards then Fetch Rewards isn’t for you.

Which is Better Fetch Rewards or Ibotta?

Neither one is better, they just have different strengths. Choose which app to use based on what you want from your receipt upload app.

Ibotta is a better choice for more versatility. It has more spending and cash out options in general, including a desktop version and direct online shopping. The potential upside is huge if you want to devote time to it. If you are not concerned about your spending information being purchasable, and you want to spend a bit more time with each receipt, then the potential return of Ibotta is worth it.

If you’re now interested in Ibotta, you can sign up here.*

Fetch Rewards is fast, simple, and safe. You get a substantial return for very little effort and your risk is quite low. If you are uploading receipts with any other app then you should consider Fetch Rewards.

If you are interested in Fetch Rewards, you can sign up on the Fetch Rewards App and use the referral code C8WPN for 2,000 bonus points.

Can I Use Both?


And why not? They both have different goals and business models, so both are available to any consumer. I use both apps and have been able to increase my cash back by quite a bit.

I would recommend this strategy to anyone since it is an easy way to get the best of both apps as well as more money in your pocket.

What is your favorite receipt uploading app? Do you make more or less back with your receipts? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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Fetch Rewards FAQ

Is Fetch Rewards Legitimate?

Yes Fetch Rewards is a legitimate app that pays you with gift cards when you get the correct number of points. I have redeemed multiple gift cards from them myself.

Is Fetch Rewards Only for Groceries?

Yes and no. The purpose of Fetch Rewards is for food brands to build brand loyalty. So grocery stores are the number one place for that, but other stores are also included in that umbrella including convenience stores and liquor stores in some states. A list of types of stores and specific stores you can shop at can be found here.

Can Fetch Rewards Be Trusted?

Yes, Fetch Rewards is a trustworthy company. They have a safe business model and they keep you information very tight to their system. There are very few opportunities for your information to be stolen if any.

Is Fetch Rewards on Computer?

As of this writing, Fetch Rewards desktop is not available. That may be in the works, but I don’t know about it.

Does Fetch Rewards Track You?

Yes Fetch Rewards tracks you, but they keep it in house. Other companies will send your information off to be processed by third parties.

How Does Fetch Rewards Work With Amazon?

Fetch Rewards does work with Amazon. If you go to a brick and mortar Amazon store then upload your hard copy receipt as usual. For online purchases, make sure your Amazon email is the same as you email for Fetch Rewards to get rewarded.

When Do Fetch Rewards Expire?

Fetch Rewards will not expire as long as you continue to use Fetch Rewards. If you decide to stop using Fetch Rewards and do not upload any receipts for 90 days then you rewards will expire and you will have to start from 0. Luckily, if you are signed up for SMS notification with Fetch Rewards they will remind you to upload receipts starting at just 21 days after your last receipt so you don’t lose your rewards accidentally.

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