I Hate Every Job I Get (And How To Improve That)


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Do you dread getting out of bed in the morning to go to work? Is the only thing keeping you going the threat of financial disaster if you stopped working?

Have you taken a new job and found it just as distasteful as the last?

Do you want to quit every job you get?

It can be really easy to fall into that mindset. I know I have.

If you hate every job you get, then here is a checklist or a series of questions you can ask yourself to determine the root cause of the problem and address it head on instead of aimlessly trudging through a draining work day.

I Hate Every Job I Get Reflection Questions

What Do You Hate About Your Job?

It is very important to be specific about this. Do you hate every single second of every single day or are some days better than others?

Take the time to meditate on this. You don’t have to cross your legs and hum, but sit in a quiet place, preferably with a paper and pencil to write out your thoughts, and ask yourself “What do I hate about my job?”

Is it your annoying co-worker or the writing reports? Is it being inside all day or constant deadlines?

Is it the people you deal with or not feeling challenged enough by your work?

As you consider these questions and others you can figure out the things at work that make you unhappy. If it is just one or two things then you can start to avoid those, or mitigate them, or maybe batch them to get it over with.

If there are a lot of reasons then more consideration is needed.

What Do You Like About The Job?

Now that you’ve figured out what you dislike about the job, turn it to a positive. What do you like about it?

Are there any tasks that you enjoy at work?

If you could do any of the parts of your job all day what would they be?

If the only thing you like about your job are your coworkers then that might be an indication that you’re in the wrong line of work.

But if there are certain things at your job that you do enjoy, can you do more of that? Are you able to request more assignments like that or perhaps can you delegate the tasks you don’t want to do to someone else?

Maximizing what you do enjoy and minimizing what you don’t enjoy can help you return pleasure to your work day which will improve your over all mood.

What’s Keeping You At This Job?

If after considering why you dislike and why you like your job you can find nothing good about it expect that you get paid, then it is time to consider why you are even staying.

There are a lot of reasons people keep working at a job they don’t like.

Are you afraid of trying something new or not being able to get hired?

Are you not willing to leave your field because you took time getting a degree in that area?

Are you afraid you can’t do anything else?

Do you worry about what people will think of you?

If you hate your job, find out what is keeping you from trying something else, then address that head on.

There is no shame in trying something else if your chosen career isn’t satisfying you.

What Do You Expect From Your Job?

Now, if you’ve tried to adjust your job to doing more of what you do like, and you’ve tried getting a different job but you still don’t like your job then it is time to consider your expectations.

There is an old idea that all disappointment is just unmet expectations. It is at least as old as the Buddha who said “Desire is suffering”.

That being said, if your job is disappointing, what are you expecting from it?

Do you want your job to be fun?

Do you expect to be entertained? Engaged? Challenged?

Do you expect to be promoted quicker?

Do you expect to be paid more?

Whatever your expectations from your job are, that is probably the root of your dislike for your job.

For example, one of my biggest disappointment with my job is that I have to be there early everyday. If I could avoid the alarm clock I would be much happier.

Once you figure out what your unmet expectation is, create an action plan to get it met. Or lower your expectation.

For example, if you are expecting to be promoted, why don’t you go ask your boss what it will take to qualify for a promotion. then follow through!

If you expect to be paid more you could try to find a similar position that has a higher salary.

If you realize that your expectation is unrealistic, then you might have to change your job.

Just be sure that you know what you’re expecting from your new job and only apply for a job that will meet those expectations or it is a waste of your time.

Is It The Job Or You?

So what if you’ve had serious reflection about your job, you understand what is motivating you to stay in your job, and you’ve tried something new, but you still hate your job?

Maybe you’ve hated every job you’ve ever had, then you have to ask if you are the reason you hate every job.

That is NOT saying that there is something wrong with you. It could be a number of factors.

One potential issue could be that you just don’t like being told what to do. That type of attitude makes being an employee difficult no matter what your job is.

In other words, maybe you hate working in general.

In that case you might be an entrepreneur at heart who needs to blaze their own trail, or you prefer freelance work because you get to make your own schedule.

Another thing to consider is your mindset. Do you expect everyday at work to be bad or do you expect it to be good?

If you start from a positive position, you’re outlook on work will be more positive.

If, however, you start from a negative outlook you have no chance of having a positive experience.

Lastly, consider getting therapeutic help if you can’t get yourself out of a negative mindset. Therapists can be extremely helpful with getting past mental blocks.

There is no shame in getting help if you need it.

How To Overcome Hating Every Job

Hopefully that wasn’t overwhelming. But unpacking something as complicated as hating your job kind of has to be.

To help, here is a summary of solutions.

  • List what you enjoy about your job and try to maximize that part of it.
  • Or get a job that focuses on what you enjoy about your job.
  • Make a list of your expectations to find out what is disappointing you about your job.
  • Cut the cord of what is keeping you at a dead end job and find a new one that meets your expectations.
  • Work on your mindset to help yourself enjoy your job more in the moment.
  • Get therapeutic help if you need it.

It can be hard if you hate every job you get. But hopefully now you have to tools to figure out why that is.

After meditating on it, what do you hate about your job? What do you enjoy most? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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