Is Mobilexpression Fake? An Honest Review

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You may have heard about a website called Mobilexpression who pays you to put their software onto your phone and operate in the background. Once you download it you do nothing and you get paid.

You’re probably thinking, that sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t…kind of.

I’ve used (and recently deleted) Mobilexpression from my phone. In this honest review of I will tell you how it works, how you can make real money from it, and why I chose to delete it.

I’ve done honest reviews of a few other money apps, and I can be pretty brutal (for example, Ibotta and Miles) but I’ll tell you the good things too (for example FetchRewards and PolicyGenius).

I’m not being paid to write these, so I can be completely honest.

Mobilexpression Is It Safe?

Now as a disclaimer I only had Mobilexpression on my phone for about 4 weeks. But during that time, as far as I can tell, my personal information was not used incorrectly in anyway.

Mobilexpression is an aggregator. It takes data from your phone usage and compiles it to send that information to companies that need it for market research. Since the data is aggregated, it isn’t linked directly to you so your personal information is safe.

Does that mean there is no chance of your information being used improperly? Of course not, but anytime you put sensitive information out into the internet there is a chance of hackers and others getting a hold of it.

As far as I can tell, protects your information well enough.

How To Join Mobilexpression

Joining Mobilexpression is extremely easy. You don’t need a code or an invite or anything special. You just need to go to their website and sign up (more on that later).

Joining mobilexpression is actually the easy part, it just requires making an account. Actually using it is more difficult because it is a multistep installation process unlike installing an app from the appstore.

So you need to be able to read the directions and follow them exactly.

How To Use Mobilexpression App

Calling mobilexpression an app is a little misleading because, while the general term application, does apply, an app has generally come to refer to things you download onto your phone’s screen to use.

Mobilexpression is not something you download from the appstore or googleplay.

To download Mobilexpression you go to their website, and you click join now then follow the prompts.

From there you download the software in the form of a vpn profile which operates directly on your phone without an app required.

After that, you just let it do its thing.

What is Mobilexpression VPN?

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is used to encrypt your data to keep your private information safe on the internet.

So by using a VPN on your phone, Mobilexpression is taking your information and encrypting it to keep your information safe while they collect it.

Now, my honest opinion of this is that there has to be a better way because a VPN can have unintended consequences, especially on a phone.

Since VPNs are originally intended to maintain privacy, it can block things unintentionally.

I wasn’t able to use any of my banking apps while I have mobilexpression on my phone.

In fact, that was the primary reason that I deleted it. My banking apps, which I use quite frequently, were only available in the web browser on my phone and I found that incredibly frustrating.

Mobilexpression How To Earn Credits

Once you have Mobilexpression downloaded it works automatically. You don’t turn it on or off. That might be a little uncomfortable for some people. It didn’t bother me much, but I don’t do anything I’m worried about other people knowing about.

My biggest problem with it is that anything that uses data on your phone takes power, and if I needed to save power I can’t turn it off.

Still, not having to worry about opening an app to get rewards is nice.

When you sign up for mobilexpression they usually give you something like a 20 point bonus.

Then each week after that you get another 5 points. To get those points you have to click on an email link and then click claim points on their rewards portal, which I think it pretty ridiculous, but it is a hoop you have to jump through.

Once you’ve reached enough points then you can cash them out for gift cards.

The range of gift cards it pretty limited. Notable ones are Amazon, Starbucks, and Papa Johns among a few others. In all there are maybe half a dozen choices.

This doesn’t bother me much because all I care about is the Amazon gift card, but it is still a negative.

How Much Does Mobilexpression Pay

The minimum amount of points to get a gift card is 30 points for a $5 gift card and the maximum is 50 points for a $10 gift card. So not counting the 20 point bonus that is $5 every 6 weeks or $10 ever 10 weeks.

You’re not going to get rich doing this, but $50 bucks a year might be worth the minimal effort it takes if the VPN doesn’t mess you up.

Is A Legitimate Site?

The short answer is yes. I signed up, followed their rules, and I got a $10 gift card for Amazon. Just like they said I would.

Now a lot of other reviews call them a scam for various reasons. Usually because they never got paid. In order for mobilexpression to work you have to follow their rules EXACTLY. Which can be incredibly frustrating.

I also get the feeling that their customer service isn’t great when you do have a problem. So there is that.

But they are not stealing your identity, and they do pay you, so technically they are legitimate. Although their business practices aren’t great.

Mobilexpression Review

How do I feel about mobilexpression?


That’s it.

It works like they say it will, but it isn’t really worth the headache in my opinion. You can use it if you want rewards for literally opening an email link once a week.

But I found that it just wasn’t worth it because of what it did to my phone and how inconsequential the rewards are.

Do you think it is worth it to let mobilexpression run on your phone? What money sites/apps do you want me to review next? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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