Miles App Honest Review: Getting Rewards for All Modes of Transportation

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I recently stumbled upon an app called “Miles”. The purpose of this app is to mimic the flyer miles reward system that airline companies use but for all modes of transportation.

That includes driving, carpooling, buses, biking, running, and anything else that has wheels or moves.

It is a very interesting concept, so I tried it. Here is my honest review of Miles.

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What Is Miles?

Miles is an app that uses your location settings to track when you travel. Every time you travel from point A to point B you receive “miles” in the form of points as a reward.

Different types of miles have different weights to them. Driving is a basic mile, but biking, walking, car pooling and other more eco-friendly means of transportation are worth more.

Plane rides are worth the least.

The basic idea then is to create a frequent flyer incentive for people who use more eco friendly modes of transportation as well as rewarding you for your every day travel.

After you’ve travelled and gotten rewards the platform acts as a connection point between you, the consumer, and different brands that advertise through them.

What makes them most unique is rewarding you for all the types of travel that you do and not just one. There are many apps that reward walkers, but not walkers and bikers.

This is how Miles stands out and shines compared to other travel rewards apps.

Many people might look at that and wonder, Is Miles legit? How can you reward people for just living their life? Well, the rewards are just an engagement tool for brands to get their product in front of you.

The miles you earn have no real value to the company or the brands they partner with, but by tying the rewards to an action you are more likely to want to participate. So the whole set up is a win-win and they are actually legit.

How Does the Miles App Work?

Once you’ve downloaded the app you will need to give it permission to access your location at all times to get the most miles.

This is the best part of the app. While many travel rewards apps require you to sign into the app and start a trip, the Miles app just does it automatically.

Every mile you travel gets added to your miles (adjusted for eco-friendliness) and you can cash those in for rewards.

It is really that straight forward.

How To Use the Miles App

To use the Miles app you need to download it from the app store or GooglePlay. Create an account. Then allow Miles access to your location.

You can either let it run location only when the app is on or let it run always regardless and it tracks your miles constantly.

Please note that anytime something has access to your location it is a slight drain on your battery. After a few days of running Miles and another location app I notice a marked decrease in battery life. So just decide what is worth it for you.

After getting your Miles app up and running you go about your day. Take a run. Drive to work. Bike a trail. Catch an Uber. Whatever it is you do.

However far you travel is automatically added to your miles which you can then redeem.

Each trip is recorded separately by how far you travelled and what mode of transportation you used.

You can go back in to your trips under the trips tab and request a change to the mode of transportation if it records a car trip when you rode your bike or some other error like that.

Under the rewards tab you have the option to redeem your miles as coupons to popular brands or sweepstakes for gift cards.

And that is how to use the Miles app. Pretty simple huh?

Can I Use the Mile App?

Miles works on both iPhone and Android, so if you have a smart phone you qualify.

It is not available on the web because it has to track your location.

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How Does the Miles App Make Money?

The Miles app is completely free to the user. There are no pop up ads or subscriptions.

The way they make money is through partnering with various brands. The brands pay to put their coupons up on the Miles app for you to peruse.

This is much the same way that FetchRewards and Ibotta make their money.

How Do Miles App Rewards Work?

Upated 9/28/2021 Miles mostly focuses on offering coupons and discounts to their customers, which is different from Ibotta or Fetch Rewards who use cash and gift cards as rewards. Miles has upped their game, however, and now offers Amazon gift cards regularly to the tune of $1 = 10,000 miles. That seems like a lot of miles, but remember that the more ecofriendly your mode of transportation the more miles you’ll get with each mile actually travelled.

Miles rewards program is different than pretty much any other I’ve seen. Instead of offering straight gift cards or cash for a certain number of points (like FetchRewards or Ibotta do), they offer coupons.

You can get a free trials, or 25% off of various brands by cashing in a certain number of miles.

If you want to try and get a larger gift card for less money they have a sweepstakes for a gift card to a chosen brand that cycles monthly.

Naturally this is where a lot of your miles will go unless you like trying new brands often.

I would have to say that the rewards are probably the most disappointing part of the Miles app since giftcards are so expenses in terms of miles needed. If you want more cash or gift cards with each purchase then other rewards apps are probably better. With other rewards apps offering cash or giftcards, only getting a discount on brands that are often quite similar is a bit disappointing.

But, if you are interested in any of the brands they partner with it is a great way to get a discount or even some free stuff.

Check out this link to view some of their partners.

What I Think of Miles

In all the idea of the Miles app is fantastic. I love that it is automatic and that I can get discounts for a lot of products for basically living my life.

It is simple and effective for delivering what it promises.

Updated 9/28/21 That being said, I’m not sure if the drain on my battery is worth it save up miles. Instead, this is what I did. I used Miles consistently for a few weeks and became a “Platinum member” as a result. Because I showed commitment I get some of the best offers from Miles, including random bonuses of between 500 and 1,000 every few weeks.

This way I am racking up miles without really even having to use the app often.

I have also discovered that they send emails with some great offers, but only to the first x number of people that open it. So if you are fast with your email you can get some even better rewards.

That being said, the promise is kind of underwhelming, especially compared to the “flyer miles” they are mimicking. In exchange for a noticeable drain on my battery I can get discounts for brands that I may or may not use, and a chance to potentially maybe beat all of the other users of Miles to get a gift card.

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It just isn’t as motivating as other rewards programs.

Since it is 100% automatic there isn’t much to complain about. Anytime I need miles I can turn my location on, and if I don’t I can turn it off. If I want a discount I can check the app and get one.

So I would say it is worth downloading just to see if you like it if nothing else.

If you’re interested, use this referral code (SXVHSG) to get some bonus miles.

Or click this Miles link*

What are you favorite reward apps? What has your experience been using the Miles app? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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