How I Used the American Airlines Advantage Platinum Card to Fly Four for $45

Travel hacking is the buzz word these days, but it is a bit overwhelming and usually the big sites push to get 1,000,000 miles in six months or something like that. This is just an introduction to travel hacking and the basics of how I travelled with my family of four for $45.

Deep Dive Into an Pharmacist’s Budget

Are you wondering how to thrive on a pharmacists budget? Maybe you’re just starting out and are being crushed by student loan debt? Well this is the place to figure out how to handle the lean years of being a pharmacist to turn around and thrive!

How Much Interest Do You Get On 1 Million Dollars?

How much interest would you get on one million dollars is a surprisingly complicated question. If you’ve ever thought you’d be set for life with one million dollars in the bank, find out why you’re wrong here. The interest rate on $1,000,000 may surprise you.

Deep Dive Into an EMT’s Budget

Are you wondering how to live on an EMT’s budget? Do you need an example of an EMT’s budget to help you decide your career path? While an EMT’s salary isn’t huge, it is a livable salary, and here is an example of how!


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