10 Easiest Ways to Cut the Budget (and More Tips)

It is hard to figure out what to cut when you aren’t meeting your budget goals. There are a lot of things you could stop spending money on and survive, but that doesn’t make it easy. Instead, start with these top ten easiest things to cut the budget with.


How to Make an Extra $1,000 a Month (Online and Offline)

Making an extra $1,000 a month can be extremely hard or really easy depending on how you do it. This article tells you how to do it with ease. Anyone can make an extra $1,000 a month fast with minimal effort if you do it smart. So get started! Do it online, offline, and in between, whatever is easiest for you.


Is Ibotta a Waste of Time? An Honest Review

Most sites will tell you how amazing Ibotta is and give you all of the reasons you should give it a try. Then include the link that will get them the most money. But is Ibotta a waste of time? I give an honest review as a user that tells who should and who shouldn’t use Ibotta. Is Ibotta worth it? You’ll find out.


Why is it Hard to Save Money? (And How to Start)

It is hard to save money. And the reasons it is difficult to save money are as varied as people, but there are reasons that come up again and again. The way to avoid these traps starts with one very important step: know where your money is going…

Houses and Real Estate in Monopoly Are Investing in Real Estate

Why Poor People Should Invest in Real Estate to Become Wealthy

Real estate investing is a powerful tool that can be a great equalizer in the world of building wealth. In fact, for those of us that don’t make very much money, it may be the only reliable path to wealth. In fact, investing in real estate is over twice as fast as investing in stocks for generating wealth.


50 Best Frugal Living Tips

Frugal living can be difficult. So it is important when just starting out to have the best frugal living tips. The first frugal living tip is to spend less on everyday expenses and more on things that make you happy. There are 50 more frugal tips, pick two and get started living more frugally today.

Best on the Side Jobs from Home for 2020

The Best side jobs from home for 2020 require flexibility, a bit of distance, and cash on hand now. Here are 25 of the best side jobs. 1. Online tutoring 2. Virtual Assistant 3. Virtual Bookkeeper 4. At Home Customer Service 5. Social Media Manager 6. Proofreading…


How to Cut Down Your Electric Bill

Can you cut your electric bill by 1/3? Cut your electricity bill in half? Or even cut your electric bill by 90%? The answer is yes! With just a few simple tips and tricks you can massively reduce your electricity bill and live a better life.


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