What Should Fernando Tatis Jr. Do With His $340 Million Padres Contract?

Fernando Tatis Jr recently got a 340 million dollar contract from the San Diego Padres. But if he wants to avoid bankruptcy what should he do with all that money? Here’s a look at his investing options.

What’s A Millionaire? The Levels of Millionaires Explained

What are the levels of millionaires? You are probably asking because you want to know if you can become one. I mean, who doesn’t want to be a millionaire? It is actually surprisingly easy to reach the lowest level of millionaire when you learn how most millionaires become millionaires.

Why Poor People Should Invest in Real Estate to Become Wealthy

Real estate investing is a powerful tool that can be a great equalizer in the world of building wealth. In fact, for those of us that don’t make very much money, it may be the only reliable path to wealth. In fact, investing in real estate is over twice as fast as investing in stocks for generating wealth.

How to Avoid Taxes that Hurt the Average Worker Most

Understanding taxes is the difference between having money go into your pocket and having money come out of your pocket. I won’t say that taxes are easy, that is why you need a qualified tax professional to help you, but you need to take taxes into your own hands to really succeed. Find out how.