Making A Money Making Machine

There are many ways to make a money making machine. You can make a machine that grows through appreciation, or a machine that pays dividends, machines that pay interest or even machines that pay rent. All of these machines are useful money making machines.

The Best Time To Invest Was Yesterday, So Invest Today

The market is too hot! I’m waiting for a correction. I heard that the stock market is going to crash on the news the other day. These are all reasons that people give for not investing. And it all comes down to the same fear. What if I put in $1,000 today and it is only worth $500 tomorrow. While that fear is an emotionally hard thing to deal with, it is logically not something you should worry about. Here’s why.

How Often Are Mutual Funds Compounded (Or Dividend)?

Investing can be incredibly confusing, but I want to make it easier to understand. Mutual funds are a staple of investing, but even those are hard to pick. That’s why I want you to make sure that you understand the basics of how often you’ll get paid from your mutual fund, the answer might surprise you.

Making Sense of Investing

How to get started investing can seem daunting. Not anymore. This page covers investing 100.5 (because investing 101 seemed to hard). Understand basically what a 401k, 403b, IRA, ROTH 401k, and more are in just minutes.