How to Stop Worrying About Money And Start Living: 20 Tips to Overcome Worry

We all worry. We worry about family, work, friends, love, and money. Money can be a huge cause of stress. If you are struggling with worrying about money then here is how to stop worrying about money and start living. Stop feel poor and do something about it.

How to Compete with the Smartest Millionaires

It sounds impossible that a low income earner could compete with the smartest millionaires. After all, they have all of the money and can buy the very best. That may be true, but you don’t need to buy anything to compete with the smartest millionaires. Al you need to be successful is….

How Do I Get More Money?

There are many ways to make more money, but not all of them are equal. You can get a second job, you can get more education, or you can start a business. Which one is best? Any of these side hustles or side work can get you more money and get you on the path to a better financial life, but starting a business will have the most benefits. Find out why.

My Financial Journey Snapshot 2020

Are you having problems getting started on your financial journey? Well, so did I. I’ll walk you through how I got started so you can get started on your journal to better personal finances too.

Making Sense of Investing

How to get started investing can seem daunting. Not anymore. This page covers investing 100.5 (because investing 101 seemed to hard). Understand basically what a 401k, 403b, IRA, ROTH 401k, and more are in just minutes.

I’m Financially Secure, Now What?

If you’ve followed Dave Ramsey’s baby steps, or you are debt free you may be asking what next? Now is the time to move from being financially secure to becoming financially independent. Here’s how you get started.