Deep Dive Into an EMT’s Budget

Are you wondering how to live on an EMT’s budget? Do you need an example of an EMT’s budget to help you decide your career path? While an EMT’s salary isn’t huge, it is a livable salary, and here is an example of how!

I’m a Sucker for Salesmen (And How You Don’t Have to Be)

Disclaimer: The statements made in this post are the opinion of the author. They should not be viewed as financial advice. Please consult with a financial specialist before making any financial decisions.This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I’ll receive commission at no extra cost to you for your purchase.* I can be a realContinue reading “I’m a Sucker for Salesmen (And How You Don’t Have to Be)”

Is Ibotta a Waste of Time? An Honest Review

Most sites will tell you how amazing Ibotta is and give you all of the reasons you should give it a try. Then include the link that will get them the most money. But is Ibotta a waste of time? I give an honest review as a user that tells who should and who shouldn’t use Ibotta. Is Ibotta worth it? You’ll find out.